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As the parents and grandparents of the future generation, we are responsible for our children and grandkid’s future. We must guide and train them from early ages for brilliant jobs in forthcoming days. STEM skills are a good example. They are four different types of skills that will be among the demand careers of the future. Children from 7 years old up to 15 years old can join these courses for later well-paid jobs. Let’s read more about STEM careers. 

STEM careers 

STEM is an abbreviation for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Science has responded to every question in our universe. Technology helps to access information. Engineering brings ideas into reality. Mathematics helps with creative and critical thinking. STEM careers are related to these fields.   

STEM jobs in demand 

Innovation is the basis of progress, and the four important factors of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics are the basis of innovation. Every society wants to develop, achieve sustained growth, be able to win in the global competition, and get a strong economy. That’s why they need STEM careers. Among all the different occupations, STEM-related occupations are growing mostly and speedy. That’s why they are on demand. 

What do the students know about STEM jobs? 

There is a big misunderstanding about STEM jobs among the students. That’s why most of them don’t want to study in these fields. They think that these jobs are found only in tech centers like NASA. They don’t know which opportunities in the real world are there for a field like mathematics. That’s why if we know which jobs are related to STEM, we can guide the children better. There are some academies like Exceed academy that can guide and train the children very interestingly and professionally. 

What are the 5 top future STEM jobs examples? 

STEM jobs of the future are so numerous. Here we talk about five of them: 

Robot repair:  

In the future, we will see automated services more than human-based services. That’s why the world needs technicians who can repair these robots. 


Feeding the world was, is, and will be an important factor—the future needs more productive farmers, the ones that use less energy and produce healthier products. 

Weather moderators: 

 Climate change is a big issue on the earth. The future needs professionals who can control the weather in an effective way. Also, they must be able to reduce climate change and global warming. 

Cryptocurrency brokers:  

Some economists say that cryptocurrency or digital coins will be in big demand in the future. Because they are easy to use and can be transferred to the whole world easily and freely, that’s why cryptocurrency brokers will have an important role in the future economy. 

Biotechnology engineer: 

 This is not a job only in the lab. A biotechnology engineer can do diverse types of works. They improve people’s lives and make the world a better place to live. These engineers can create human body parts.  

With parents 

As we see, Most of the students have no idea or misunderstood STEM skills and their future. You must guide your children by educating them in professional centers. STEM skills are the main factors of innovation and progress in the future and that’s why we are here to help you! 

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Future Life
  • Comparison of 50 years ago with today's life and explain today vs 10 years from now.
  • Comparison of 50 years ago with today's life and explain today vs 10 years from now.
  • Second List Item
  • Third List Item
  • Comparison of 50 years ago with today's life and explain today vs 10 years from now.
  • Second List Item
  • Third List Item
  • At past Our father worked with animals
  • Today We are driving / operating  the machines
  • At future: we need to design and program robots to do the job for us and we will need to be able to provide ideas and logic and be problem solver and critical thinker/
  • Kids need to be educated and learn the future skills today to be ready for future.
This 1st class education System is now available Worldwide
  • After about 6 years of successful experience in Canada we are starting again with a global mindset to provide this 1st class education to all international students all over the world. After tremendous updates in courses and tools now Exceed Academy is ready to serve globally.
Exceed Academy Advantages
Industrial Perspective
All of our courses are designed with Future industry needs perspective in mind. What students will learn in our learning paths and courses not only will improve their knowledge and advancing their school performance but also allow them to discover their field of interest to pick a right post education and carrier in their life.  The fact that our courses are designed for industries needs of 10 years from now, kids will be well prepared with the knowledge which will be needed at future . knowledge like Robotics , AI and Machine learning.
STEM Framework
Robot Platforms
Programing Languages
For the beginner little children we use programming languages like scratch
For the beginner little children we use programming languages like scratch
For more advanced students we use c like languages
In the last step we learn them how to code in Arduino and python
3d Printing
Extra Curriculum Activity for University Admission
  • First ListWe are a well-known Robotic school brand for the Canadians universities / Collages and our graduate students could leverage our certificate and have a good opportunity to receive admission from those universities, if your students are intending to come to study as international students in north American universities or even European or your local national universities.
  • Our Student performance history and talent detection system also allows us to exposestudents to the big industrial companies for University Scholorship  as well as future employment opportunities.
Related Universities and Industrial companies
Engineering Associations
Industrial level Project and assignments
Assignments are designed to be a small pcs and components of a real industrial applications so kids at the end of each 8 weeks of the semester will apply the gained knowledge and combined all the small projects and turn it to a real industrial grade projects,
Sample of such these projects are :
  • Gas price display using 7 Segments
  • Digital angel meter
  • LED light intensity control
  • DC motor direction and speed control for Robot power train.
  • Musical Keyboard
  • RGB Light Control
  • Police car siren
  • Position control using servo motor
  • And many more
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