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This is a specialized curriculum of electronics and microcontrollers for younger kids age 8-11 years old which consists of 64 classes which are divided into 8 Courses over 16 months including the final project. This learning path Is consists of Fundamentals of electricity, as well as everything kids, need to know about Microcontrollers as well as sensors and actuators to make cool projects like smart homes and other programmable electronic devices.



There are also 6 Optional Real lab courses that kids could make the simulated version of their project on the Standard course with real electronic components we will send to them.

  • Electronics / Microcontrollers
  • Final Project
Course Details
  • Level: Advanced
  • Weekly Hours: 1 hour
  • Commitment: 80 classes, 16 months
  • Language: English * other languages available
  • Location: Online classes


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