Why Robotics?

7 reasons shows that robotics for kids is necessary

Look around and try to find a device that doesn’t need robots through the construction process if it’s not a robot by itself!

Robotics seems to be all the rages today. You can find it everywhere; From factory to home. Robots are our future with no doubts. As a matter of fact, new world is no more imaginable without robots.

We believe that The train to future has departed and if you want your kids to be the new world skilled player, encourage them to learn robotics and coding.

1. Robotics dominates future

Robots shape Future job market. Robotics and Artificial intelligence are dominating the future of industries in all aspects. Despite the dystopian vision, Robots can’t take over our jobs because they need to be designed, manufactured, programed, maintained, updated and improved continuously. Therefore we believe that robotics revolution is more an opportunity than a threat and This is where you can prepare your kids to shine.

Robotics and coding are skills helping your children to get well rewarded jobs in future job market.

2. Robotics helps to teach complicated concepts

In STEM education system children dose not learn robotics by learning robotics! On the contrary Children learn robotics via learning concepts about science, math, engineering and technology.

While each of these fields are inherently difficult even for adults, teaching them via toy and play makes them easy and enjoyable. Just like kids learning language with no grammar education.

As they learn science with robotics they learn robotics simultaneously, Even if they don’t know.

3 . Robotics is twin with coding

Robots can’t operate without commands and no command can be executed without coding. Simply, even in real time working robots which are pre-programmed, coding is an essential element which allows a robot to have a function.

That’s why robotics is such a good discipline to make coding comprehensive for kids in STEM education.

4. Robotics develops practical skills

Robotics for kids is more than robotics. What do we mean? Like other STEM courses learning robotics and coding happens through playing and orking ith teams. Do to this methodology your kids can develop at least four soft skills. Those skills are design thinking, creativity, confidence and teamwork.

5 . Robotics grows children technology friendly

If you have heard of saying “i cant understand technology” you should know that robotics is a solution for this types of kids.

Children like to get immediate result to be motivated. Learning robotics teaches your kids to be excited by solving problems and getting result in action.

6. Gives children sense of physical world

Learning robotics for kids allows them interact with new technologies. If you are concerned about  time that your children spend in front of mobile and computers, learning robotics and coding help children to interact with digital tools and make a sense of balance. This happens via coding.

In this way children allow invisible technology to materialize in physical object and make it understandable.

7. Robotics is fun

Children love playing and learning robotics for kids happens when they are using codes to run robots. For children nothing is more exciting than creating something new and see that whether it works or not! Working or not, making new things, trying to run and improve it,  is a joyful activity for kids.


As an after school program or Supplementary training, as a fun or serious activity, start teaching robotics for kids. If you are worry about social distancing, you can fallow STEM online courses. Try to not miss the train to future!

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  • Riva Collins

    November 9, 2019 - 2:07 am

    It’s no secret that the digital industry is booming. From exciting startups to need ghor
    global and brands, companies are reaching out.

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  • Comparison of 50 years ago with today's life and explain today vs 10 years from now.
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  • Comparison of 50 years ago with today's life and explain today vs 10 years from now.
  • Second List Item
  • Third List Item
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