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“What do you want to be when you grow up?” We have all being asked and answered this question for many times. Do you remember your answer? I was usually saying that “i want to be a teacher”. But, we did not have so many options.  

Traditional education led to growing up our kids for standard and long-lasting jobs. Jobs which were lasting for decades. 

But today we don’t have this chance. Jobs are changing rapidly and that’s because we cannot plan for a lifetime job. 

This is the problem that new education system solves with “stem for kids”. 

What are future jobs like? 

Unfortunately, we are not able to imagine what jobs will be there in 10-20 years. It’s sad news. on other hand, what we can be sure, is that future job market is more influenced and shaped by technological innovations than ever. 

We are moving into a job market that is not only different but also unpredictable, Fallowing by developments in artificial intelligence, robotics and internet of things. 

There is good news too! As much as we can’t predict the jobs are coming in future, we can learn the skills are needed to handle these unknown jobs.  

Why should i prepare my kids for future jobs differently? 

that’s Because future jobs are different. They need different skillsets, different mindsets and of course different education systems to manage teaching and learning. your kids can’t afford competing in this changing and unpredictable environment without a plan.  

As shown by researches, more than 70% of kids educated under the traditional system won’t have needed skills and capabilities necessary to take technological jobs when they finish school. It would be more warning if you knew most of the future jobs are from this kind; 5 times More than any other kind of jobs. 

How can i prepare my kids for future jobs? 

Regardless of jobs type and title, your kid’s skillset is the key factor. The aim is to equip your kids with set of necessary skills and adaptability to help them manage their career pathway. Adaptability is a mindset which helps your kids work with different persons, in different cultures and in different situations because we hardly can work isolated in a connected world. 

Adaptability is like air while skills are muscles helping your kids to compete! 

What is stem? 

Stem stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. four areas of learning that your kids need to excel in their career pathway whatever it is. They are not isolated areas but interlinked subjects that are foundational for future jobs. 

Stem courses focus on growing kids for thinking, problem solving, doing, creating, innovating and inventing.  

Stem is also fun. This is why stem courses are effective so that kids enjoy playing and having fun with learning new skills as well. 

How stem helps my kids? 

Stem is like a toolbox for your kids. Stem education helps your kids to make their own solutions to solve problems. Whatever is the subject, all courses in stem education aimed to grow problem solving skill. During each stem course problem solving helps kids to develop their confidence. Working with others solving problems help them to grow their ability to work as a team with the same goal. They learn to be adaptable. 

Lets go 

I’m talking with parents. Let your kids to learn what they like the way they like. plan their education as game to play. As you know, kids never get tired of what doing they like. Push them using robotics and coding plying games.  

That’s all come together with stem for kids! 

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  • Comparison of 50 years ago with today's life and explain today vs 10 years from now.
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  • At future: we need to design and program robots to do the job for us and we will need to be able to provide ideas and logic and be problem solver and critical thinker/
  • Kids need to be educated and learn the future skills today to be ready for future.
This 1st class education System is now available Worldwide
  • After about 6 years of successful experience in Canada we are starting again with a global mindset to provide this 1st class education to all international students all over the world. After tremendous updates in courses and tools now Exceed Academy is ready to serve globally.
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Industrial Perspective
All of our courses are designed with Future industry needs perspective in mind. What students will learn in our learning paths and courses not only will improve their knowledge and advancing their school performance but also allow them to discover their field of interest to pick a right post education and carrier in their life.  The fact that our courses are designed for industries needs of 10 years from now, kids will be well prepared with the knowledge which will be needed at future . knowledge like Robotics , AI and Machine learning.
STEM Framework
Robot Platforms
Programing Languages
For the beginner little children we use programming languages like scratch
For the beginner little children we use programming languages like scratch
For more advanced students we use c like languages
In the last step we learn them how to code in Arduino and python
3d Printing
Extra Curriculum Activity for University Admission
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Industrial level Project and assignments
Assignments are designed to be a small pcs and components of a real industrial applications so kids at the end of each 8 weeks of the semester will apply the gained knowledge and combined all the small projects and turn it to a real industrial grade projects,
Sample of such these projects are :
  • Gas price display using 7 Segments
  • Digital angel meter
  • LED light intensity control
  • DC motor direction and speed control for Robot power train.
  • Musical Keyboard
  • RGB Light Control
  • Police car siren
  • Position control using servo motor
  • And many more
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